14 Nov


You can not get a harvest until you 1st sow a seed. The seed has to planted then in time, there will be a harvest. While the earth remains, there will be seed-time and harvest time. Genesis 8:22

The sower went to sow his seed. Some seed fell on bad soil and some on good soil. The ones that fell on the bad soil, immediately sprung up but died because it had no root. The ones that fell on good soil, yielded some crops. Some hundred fold, some sixty and some thirty. Matthew 13:1-9

We represent the sower who is planting the seed. The seed is our money. Depending on where our money is being sowed will render either an abundance or lack.  If we sow our money into the Kingdom of God, God will bless it and multiply it.  Bring all the tithes into the store house so that there may be meat in my house and God will pour out his blessing. Malachi 8-10  In the Kingdom of God there are all types of precious stones and the street of the city is made of pure God. Revelation 21:18-21 In the Lords prayer we are asking God’s will be done on earth.  There is no need for money in heaven the need is here on earth.  Sow into the Kingdom of God to provide for the spreading of the gospel and you will rep a harvest.

Be Blessed!

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