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The Power of Knowlege Hour

January 22, 2011 was the first ” The Power of Knowledge Hour”. This hour is set aside to talk about Africian American History.  It is imporant that we know our history and what was sacrificed for us to be where we are today.

Our topic of discussion was Federick Douglas and the differnance between being trained and  being taught.

Our first round table discussion was Federick Douglas. 

Federick Douglas was a slave that fought for his freedom and fled to the North ( Marlyand). 
Federick Douglas was an abolishist, writer, Prime Minister to Haiti, a property owner, personal advisor to Abraham Lincoln and owner of the ‘North Star” paper. Federick Douglas did not learn how to read until the age of 20.  It was illegal for a slave to learn how to read or write, punishable by death.

 A slave is a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another; a bond servant. A person entirely under the domination of some influence or person.

Trained is being taught by someone to do something or act a certain a way.  Taught is to teach. To impart knowledge. A slave was trained on how to do a task, but not imparted knowledge, because they were not considered to be an individual, merely property. Once a slave knew how to think for themselve they would know how to challenge their master. They would escape to freedom!!

Read the “Narrative of the Life of Federick Doughlas, an American Slave”.
Meager Ervis- We need to do research on Meager Ervis.

More to come from the Africiana Princess

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Henry "Hank" Aaron

Henry ” Hank” Aaron, born Henry Louis Aaron was the 1st baseball player to beat Babe Ruth’s Home Run record of 714.

Henry Aaron was born on February 5, 1934 in Mobile, Alabama. Mr Aaron played baseball in high school.  He played two positions, shortstop and 3rd base.  While attending high school he realized that baseball was his dream.  He quit school and played  minor league baseball then he played with the Negro League  Baseball team the “Indiapolis Clowns”.  Then he played for the Milwaukee Braves a Major League Baseball  team.  While playing for the Milkwaukee Braves in 1974, he broke Babe Ruth’s Home Run record of 714. 

In 1999, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of breaking Ruth’s record, Major League Baseball announced the Hank Aaron Award, given annually to the best overall hitter in each league.

Hank Aaron was inducted into the Baseball Hall of fame in 1982 and he was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002.

To learn more about Henry ” Hank” Aaron, simply type in the name Hank Aaron into your search engine or go the websites noted below.

More to come from the Africana Princess.

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To Be Aware

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